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PSI/PCI General Information

The rules have changed! The United States Government now requires cylinder requalifiers to be trained as visual cylinder inspectors and the PSI-PCI program is the most established, most respected and most comprehensive training commercially available.  Because PSI-PCI is the recognized source of professional training in the visual inspection of high pressure gas cylinders, USDOT requires the yearly visual inspection of Luxfer’s  fiber wrapped SCUBA cylinder be conducted ONLY by PSI-PCI trained inspectors.

There is absolutely no better preparation available anywhere to be a professional cylinder inspector trainer.  If you are a dedicated and motivated individual who is also trained as an instructor or teacher, PSI-PCI is looking for you to become one of our family of professional Cylinder Inspector Trainers. Besides being an excellent way to promote safety in the high pressure gas cylinder industry, being a PSI-PCI Instructor is also an effective way to earn additional income in this rapidly expanding field.

We conduct our ITC only once each year in Kansas City, MO, and only three persons are authorized to conduct the Course -- Mark Gresham, Dale Fox, and  Michael Steidey.  The ITC will provide you with the information, skills and confidence to instruct high pressure cylinder users in the professional visual inspection of SCUBA and SCBA cylinders. You will gain up-to-the-minute information on cylinder history, specifications, markings, and inspection techniques. Most importantly, you will receive extensive practical experience in the actual professional inspection of cylinders. Upon completion you will be qualified to teach all PSI-PCI courses.

This is a four day ITC conducted in Fairfax, VA in early April of each year  and in Woodinville, WA in September of each year.  The course usually begins at 0800 on Thursday and is completed by about 1300 on Sunday. (Other PSI-PCI ITCs may be conducted at other locations around the country and you can find information on these courses on the PSI-PCI web site (www.psicylinders.com). Your investment is only $3000. which will, upon satisfactory completion, qualify you to teach the PSI-PCI VCI, SVCI, VCIR, and VCIU courses.   Certification to teach Eddy Current Technician, Valve Repair Technician and Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning Technician is also available at an additional cost of $500 each.

The prerequisites for attending are that the candidate must be a PSI-PCI Visual Cylinder Inspector who has attended a full VCI course a minimum of twice.  Candidates need to submit an application to PSI-PCI, which does all the vetting for ITCs, and a $500 deposit.  If your application is not accepted your deposit will be returned, otherwise it is non-refundable.  The balance of all tuitions is payable on the first day of the ITC by cash, check or credit cart payable to PSI-PCI.  To apply simply fill out the ITC Application Form and submit it along with your resume, three references a head & shoulders photograph (print or digital file), and your deposit  to:


PO Box 940

Duvall, WA  98019

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