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PSI/PCI General Information





Here are some of the links that I have found useful.  While there are some general sites listed, most of the links have to do with high pressure cylinders.  While most of these sites are commercial in nature, there is a world of good technical information to be gained by visiting them.


Professional Scuba Inspectors Expert, non-biased information on cylinder safety, inspection materials and inspection training.     
ADVANCED INSPECTION TECHNOLOGY Eddy current testing materials
AMY MORGAN BRUECKS Hydrostatic testing and useful information
CARLTON TECHNOLOGIES FRP cylinder manufacturer. Technical information on Carbon Fiber Cylinders
CATALINA CYLINDERS Cylinder manufacturer
COMPRESSED GAS ASSOCIATION           Source for purchase of all CGA documents many of which are official parts of the US Code of Federal Regulations. Standards making organization
INTERSPIRO          Distributor of life support equipment
LUXFER USA LIMITED Cylinder manufacturer
MINE SAFETY APPLIANCES      Distributor of life support equipment
NATIONAL FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION         Source for purchase of all NFPA documents.  Standards making organization
PRESSED STEEL TANK   Cylinder manufacturer
SCOTT HEALTH AND SAFETY (Tyco)   Distributor of life support equipment


Cylinder manufacturer
SURVIVAIR   Distributor of life support equipment
TAYLOR-WHARTON   Cylinder manufacturer
Transport Canada Canadian Transportation of Dangerous Goods regulations
USDOT Special Permits Search for current Special Permits
US DOT Hydrostatic Retesters Listing of all authorized US cylinder requalifiers
VISUAL EDDY PRODUCTS Eddy current testing materials


US DOT regulating department or manufacture and transportation of compressed gas containers.
PROPANE CYLINDERS Information and links on propane gas
 US GPO (CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS)   Electronic copies of the Code of Federal Regulations
Worthington Cylinders Cylinder manufacturer